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Build Your Text Message Marketing List with Zebra Instant

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Besides creating a new revenue stream from photo printing, Zebra Instant enables you to grow your opt in text message list, which can be a very valuable marketing asset.

Text message (or SMS) marketing—the use of targeted text messages to advertise or promote a product, service, or event—is an incredibly effective way to get your message out.

With open rates as high as 99%, texting has a higher ROI than almost any other marketing channel.

But why exactly is text messaging so powerful in comparison with other forms of digital and print media?

Texts are popular: 95% of mobile phones can receive text messages and 97% of young adults use text messaging regularly.

Texts are intimate: Unlike any other media, every text message is considered important. In fact, text messaging is the most frequently used medium for personal written communications for adults under 35.

Texts are NOT ignored: Less than 5% of marketing emails are ever opened, and even less are actually read; an unparalleled 97% of SMS marketing messages are read.

Texts are immediate: People read new text messages almost immediately. Other forms of communication don’t even come close to astonishing numbers like these:

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of reception 98% of texts are read within an hour 99% of texts are read eventually OK, that’s great, but how do you use Zebra Instant to collect phone numbers and up my text marketing game?

It starts with a free print offer, which you advertise to your customers using in-store signage.

And to get their free instant prints, customers text their photos to Zebra Instant.

And as soon as they do-- voila! You have their phone number.

Importantly, we want to make sure that the customers are actually interested in your your offers and that you play nice with the Federal Communication Commission (the FCC), so we automatically send an FCC-compliant message that looks like this: 📷You can customize this message from your Zebra Instant control panel with messages specific to your brand.

Or you can upsell your customers on popular photo merchandise with this automated message sent right after they get their print. 📷Unsubscribing is easy -- simply reply “stop” to be immediately unsubscribed and removed from the list.

Once you have collected the number, you can start sending your offers to your list.

I will go over that process in our next episode

Stay tuned.



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