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How to Profit from Photo Gifts with Zebra Instant

There are other ways to earn with Zebra Instant besides just prints. Smartphones are bursting at the seams with photos, and the personalized gift industry in the US is projected to grow to over $3 billion by 2022. Yet most retailers don’t have a way to capture this opportunity. Good news: Zebra Instant is designed to help you offer consumers a way to shop for the personalized merchandise they want. And you’ll earn money on every order. Let me show you how simple it is.

1. GET THE TEXT Once your customers get their prints, they'll receive a text message with a link inviting them to shop for photo gifts.

2. SHOP Once they tap the link, they enter our store. There, they can pick which products to buy. The customers can see how their photos will look on all the products.

3. FINE-TUNE With a tap of a button, they can fine-tune the products to make them just right. Our system makes it easy for your customers to rotate and mirror the image to fit the product just right.

4. PURCHASE Our checkout process is very simple. Your customer adds their billing, shipping, and credit card info—then voila! You just made a profit.

5. SHIP Our fulfillment partners receive the order and then it is printed, packed, and shipped. We send your customer a tracking number via email or text as soon as the order is shipped. Orders arrive in about a week. I’m sure you’re wondering how much money you can make off of this. Next time, I’ll show you how you make the profit on every order. I’ll also tell you about fulfillment and share our full product catalog. Stay tuned...



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